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Testimonials: Professionals in Social Housing Sector

Steve Gill, Head of Responsive Repairs: Manchester City Council [MCC]

“As soon as we saw the product, we realised immediately the pan fixing could lead to a significant cost saving for MCC in the future. It was site trialled on the basis that there would be no increase in the cost of fixing toilet pans. The result was Housing Services specifies BFL toilet pan fixings as standard, and are specified in the brief for the Decent Homes Program”

■ To date MCC [ALMO’s] have used 6,000 BFL toilet pan fixings.

Paul Wignall, Service Manager: Knowsley Housing Trust [Vivarc]

“We have a policy of specifying materials which reduce future maintenance costs
We decided to try it and found that the real pay back comes when the pan as to be removed and re-fixed this becomes simple, quick, clean and more cost-effective. A further benefit is it helps to significantly reduce the number of damaged pans. As a result of this KHT now specifies the BFL toilet pan fixings for responsive repairs, void properties and the Decent Homes program”

■ To date KHT have used 2,000 BFL toilet pan fixings.

New Prospect Housing [Salix Homes]

“We have a policy of reducing our spend in the long run. We realized immediately that the BFL toilet pan fixing, although only a small item, could save us a lot of money in the future.

BFL had approached us with a novel way of fixing toilet pans to the floor, their proposition would not increase the fixing cost, but would save a considerable amount of money when replacements are required.

For the trial, we decided to specify it for the Chapel Street bathroom refurbishment, which involved 262 dwellings [Decent Homes Program].

The WC pan fixing has met the claims made for it and there is no reason that it won’t deliver the lifetime savings expected. Based on the trial at Chapel Street, the BFL pan fixing will be specified for the future.”

■ Type of building process used: Partnering form of contract using NEC2000

■ New BFL Client June 2013: Northwards Housing

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